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Legendary ingredients, especially the extract of maral root, are combined in this exclusive formula made by the best medical specialists. This unique blue coloured gel is much more effective than most creams, balms, and other various pills based on Vaseline (which reduces the absorption and effectiveness of the active ingredients).

The Maral Gel formula is proven to work faster and at a much deeper level. All the production stages of this gel are regularly and strictly controlled. More than 7000 men have already increased the size of!

Why use Maral?

Maral root extract has been used in traditional medicine to improve sexual potency and to enlarge the penis for years. That is the reason for Maral Gel's long lasting reputation as one of the most effective penis enlargement products on the market. We simply obtain the extract; add a few new ingredients in order to get this unique blue formula.

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Maral Root

Improves the ability of cavernous body in the penis to fill ip with blood and enhances their elasticity, while proportionately increasing the size: length, girth and glans penis

Succinic acid

Restores the levels of male hormones and increases sperm production. Reduces the recovery time after ejaculation, bringing it down to 7 minutes

Hyaluronic acid

Improves blood circulation in the pelvis and increases blood flow to the penis, providing a stable and long-lasting erection

The famous Bald Man at Brazzers recommends Maral Gel

The producer gave me a tube of Maral Gel at the beginning of my career. This gel helped me enlarge my penis from 16 to 19 cm and my porn actor career took off.

So far, the blue gel remains my greatest asset on set. It really extends the duration of the erection and maximises sensitivity as I don't work just for the money, but also to have fun. I constantly use it to enhance stamina as everyone would agree that no man is able to fuck for 6 hours. But I can - with Maral Gel!

The legendary porn actor Johnny Sins
Warning! You won't be able to return to your former size. The changes will be permanent!

For many men, the penis size matters. The desire to enlarge it is quite normal. But it is also very important to use safe and medically approved method. Maral Gel was developed by leading professionals of the industry and its production is strictly controlled every day by scientists. The blue MaralGel is the only alternative to surgery, and it is completely safe! The combination of legendary ingredients naturally increases penis size up to 4-5 cm in the first month and also protects against 99% of bacteria. Your sex life will reach a new level, your sensitivity and your stamina will be significantly improved, so you and your ladies will experience an extreme pleasure every time you have sex. You will be always ready for action! I recommend Maral Gel to every man, because it really increases the size of the penis unlike other pills and devices. It really works!

Remember however - the changes in your penis will be permanent and you won't be able to return to the former size.

They have already experience the effect of MaralGel:

Max: I always want more! In business as well as in sex. Therefore, I am always looking for erection stimulators. The last time I used Maral Gel and this is the best I've ever tried. First, sex lasted much longer than usual (about three hours), plus my cock got longer (about +3 cm in length and +1.5 cm in girth). I recommend.

Hunter: My girlfriend made it clear that it was not enough. It upset me a lot, but then I thought it's better for me to be aware of the problem rather than one day discover that she cheated on me. I found this gel and started to use it. I gained 4 cm in a month. In my opinion, this is a good result. My girl is happy with our sex life. The experience is quite different!

Arthur: I'd never think it would happen to me at 50. I couldn't expect that being a grandfather, I would remain sexually active. However, a friend from the fishing club told me about Maral Gel. Since then, I have no time for fishing. My wife and I are catching up on all those lost years.

Maral Gel
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